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Summer Training By Techpile
About the Program

Techpile offers a comprehensive Apprenticeship Training program aimed at equipping individuals with job-oriented skills and practical experience To become a Full Stack Developer(Front-End, Back-End & Database). This program provides absolute Hand-on and Industry Required Teachnology Learning providing participants to excel in their chosen field.

The Program is tailored to equip participants with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge which bridges the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, empowering students with real-world experience.

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Offered Domains

Our Apprenticeship Training program covers a wide range of domains to cater to diverse interests and career aspirations, including

Full Stack Development with ASP.NET MVC & .Net Core
Full Stack Development with PHP & Laravel Framework
Full Stack Development with MERN Stack

Program Tenure & Timing

This Program commence Every year at Techpile in the month of June/July and Ends after nearly 6 weeks in the month of August/September. The program duration and Tenure varies every academic year depending on Students College Examinations, Batch Availability, Duration of Time Alloted to Sudents for Attending Summer Training and on other Multiple Factors. For more Information on Current Academic Year's Batch & Timings, Contact us on the given mobile number or enquiry form.

How to Join?

Joining our Summer Training program is simple!, Interested candidates can apply online through our website or visit our campus for registration.

Who Can Join?

Students pursuing their Diploma, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degrees in Electronics/Electrical or related fields are eligible to apply for our Summer Training program.

This Training is most favourable for

Syllabus for Apprenticship Training

Each Technology is Derrived into Modules where Summer Traning Techology is Divided into two

Embedded Systems, Robotics with IoT
  • Advanced concepts and technologies relevant to the chosen domain
  • Hands-on projects and real-world applications
  • Soft skills development, including communication and teamwork
  • Industry best practices and standards

Additional Benefits


Popular Faqs

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While prior experience is beneficial, our program caters to individuals of all levels, including beginners. We provide comprehensive training to ensure all participants gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the Apprenticeship Training program will receive a certificate from Techpile, acknowledging their achievement and skills gained.

Yes, As this Training is Job Oriented, Techpile offers job placement opportunities to outstanding participants based on performance and availability. These opportunities provide valuable industry exposure and practical experience.

No, Techpile do not offers this mode of Training to be held online. There are standard Regulations on Proper Attendance and Physical Presence of the trainee for Proper Guidance and Mentorship, Class recordings will be shared to all candidates just for self development and practice.

Yes, Students may skip classes but only on Rare case and only for genuine reason(If/any).

Techpile's Apprenticeship Training program stands out due to its industry-oriented curriculum, hands-on approach, and personalized mentorship. We focus on practical skills development and real-world application, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the demands of the job market.

Yes, participants have the flexibility to choose their domain of interest based on their career goals and aspirations. We offer a wide range of domains to cater to diverse interests and skill sets, ensuring personalized learning experiences.

Absolutely! Techpile organizes guest lectures, workshops, and networking events to provide participants with exposure to industry professionals, experts, and potential employers. These interactions offer valuable insights and networking opportunities for career advancement.

Yes, our Apprenticeship Training program emphasizes practical learning through hands-on projects and industry collaborations. Participants have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, gaining valuable experience and enhancing their portfolio.

Yes, Offline training provides participants with a conducive environment, comprehensive skill development and practical exposure with access to state-of-the-art facilities, and direct interaction with instructors and mentors, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Why Techpile /Why choose us?

Techpile is committed to providing high-quality education and training to individuals seeking career advancement. When you choose us for your Apprenticeship Training needs, you benefit from:

1. Industry-relevant curriculum designed by experts.

2. Experienced mentors and instructors with practical industry experience.

3. State-of-the-art infrastructure and laboratory facilities.

4. Practical learning through real-world projects and simulations.

5. Placement support and career guidance

6. Positive feedback from past participants highlighting our dedication to excellence.

Course Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our Summer Training program, making quality education accessible to all. Contact us for details on course fees and payment options.

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