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Summer Training in Civil Engineering/Mechanical Engineering at Techpile

Summer Training By Techpile
About the Program

Techpile offers specialized Summer Training programs in Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering aimed at providing students with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge. Our programs are designed to enhance participants' understanding of core concepts and equip them with hands-on experience to excel in their respective fields, preparing participants for the demands of the industry.

The Program is tailored to equip participants with practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge which bridges the gap between academic learning and industry requirements, empowering students with real-world experience.

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Offered Technology

Our Summer Training program covers a wide array of Modules & Topics with technologies devided by carefully understanding the need in respective branches such as:

Structural Analysis and Design
Geotechnical Engineering
Construction & Infrastructure Management(B.I.M)
Hands on CAD using AutoCAD & Revit

Machine Design & Manufacturing Processes
Handson Robotics
CNC & Manufacturing Technologies
AutoCAD with Solidworks

Program Tenure & Timing

This Program commence Every year at Techpile in the month of June/July and Ends after nearly 6 weeks in the month of August/September. The program duration and Tenure varies every academic year depending on Students College Examinations, Batch Availability, Duration of Time Alloted to Sudents for Attending Summer Training and on other Multiple Factors. For more Information on Current Academic Year's Batch & Timings, Contact us on the given mobile number or enquiry form.

How to Join?

Joining our Summer Training program is simple!, Interested candidates can apply online through our website or visit our campus for registration.

Who Can Join?

Students pursuing their Diploma, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degrees in Electronics/Electrical or related fields are eligible to apply for our Summer Training program.

This Training is most favourable for

Syllabus for Summer Training

Each Technology is Derrived into Modules where Summer Traning Techology is Divided into two

AUTOCAD with B.I.M Conecpts
  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Concepts
  • Hands on Development & Learning on AutoCAD professional from Begginer to Advanced
  • 2D & 3D Designing, Modelling
  • B.I.M Concepts and awareness to Civil Designs & Professional Tools
  • 3D Designs with 3DSMAX & Revit
  • Hands on Mini-Projects & Report on Civil & Intrastructure Blocks
  • Interactive Session on Professional Development & Communication Ethics in Industry
  • Live Hands on Project Developed for Demonstration & Report Under Training and Completion.
AutoCAD with Solidworks
  • Machine & Mechanical Engineering Design Concepts
  • Hands on Development & Learning on AutoCAD professional from Begginer to Advanced
  • 2D & 3D Designing, Modelling
  • CAD concepts and awareness to Engineering Designs & Professional Tools
  • Hands on Mini-Projects & Report on Gear & Mechanical Tools
  • Hands on Learning on Solidworks
  • Interactive Session on Professional Development & Communication Ethics in Industry
  • Live Hands on Project Developed for Demonstration & Report Under Training and Completion.

Additional Benefits


Popular Faqs

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No, our program caters to students of all levels and is Built to prepare Trainees from beginners to advanced.

Techpile recognizes the importance of providing equal opportunities for all. While we do not offer scholarships directly, we encourage deserving candidates to reach out to us to discuss any financial constraints they may have. We are committed to exploring possible solutions to ensure access to quality education for all.

Yes, participants will have access to course materials, resources, and recordings for future reference even after completing the program. We believe in providing continued support to our alumni to aid in their ongoing learning and development.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the program will receive an Enrolled Physical Certificate from Techpile.

Yes, We started online training's during the pandemic to help Students with remote learning. However, we highly recommend offline training for proper hands-on learning and interactive sessions.

Yes, Techpile offers internship opportunities to exceptional participants based on performance and availability.

Yes, Techpile provides ongoing support and guidance including assistance with modules, project collaborations, and further skill enhancement opportunities.

Absolutely! Techpile organizes guest lectures, workshops, and networking events to provide participants with exposure to industry professionals, experts, and potential employers. These interactions offer valuable insights and networking opportunities for career advancement.

While we do not provide accommodation directly, our team can assist participants in finding suitable Rented stay & food service options near our training center. We also offer recommendations and support to facilitate a comfortable stay during the program duration.

Yes, Offline training provides participants with a conducive environment, comprehensive skill development and practical exposure with access to state-of-the-art facilities, and direct interaction with instructors and mentors, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Why Techpile /Why choose us?

We are the highest Reviewed, Most Chosen and Trusted Training & Development Institute in the region as we stand for

1. Industry-oriented curriculum designed by experts.

2. Experienced faculty and dedicatated mentors.

3. State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

4. Corporate Partnership with Industry Leaders and Technocrat Organizations.

5. Hands-on learning approach through real-world projects.

6. Placement assistance and career guidance.

7. 100% Positive testimonials from past participants.

Course Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our Summer Training program, making quality education accessible to all. Contact us for details on course fees and payment options.

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